Live the life you love.

My name is Natali. I am 21 years old and im a weird complicated person. But I'm awesome. :) i enjoy making other happy.


Lady Gaga backstage at Roseland. 

Gimme the girl thats beautiful,
Without a trace of makeup on,
Barefoot in the kitchen,
Singing her favorite song.
Dancing around like a fool,
Starring in her own little show,
Gimme the girl the rest of the world,
Ain’t lucky enough to know.
– Joe Nichols Gimmie That Girl (via anotherwoundedsoul)



Publicity done right in an anti-rape campaign: double-page spread, pages glued to one another. After the reader forcefully separates them, the image above is revealed with the caption “if you have to use force, it’s rape”.


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